Friday, April 27, 2012

Bananas, Squash, 6 months, oh my!

So begins the adventures of Baby Food and since I have oh so much time on my hands, the home made version.  This year I've decided to be more domestic.  Not only have I been cleaning everything I can, but I've been cooking almost every night, and now I'm throwing in baby food making. 

So as of April 26th Cora has had: Sweet potatoes, carrot ts, bananas, squash, pears, green beans, apple sauce, cereal, avocado, and prunes.  Carrots seem to be here favorite, avocados are her least favorite. 

She has started sitting up on her own, loves to be on her belly, and is trying to walk.  She gets her knees under her to crawl, but doesn't get very far.  She more vocal (oh boy!) and is a busy body.  She's nosey and doesn't like to miss anything.  She sleeps pretty good.  Goes to bed around 9, wakes up around 4, eats, then goes right back to sleep until 7 or so. 

She had  her 6 month photos taken today, when I have them, I'll share.  I can't wait to see how they turned out!  Carrie Hall was her photographer again and they were taken in Utica at Hidden Hills Nursery.  It was amazing and I highly recommend a visit. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Dishwasher Washing

Pinterest will be the death of me....

Have you ever taken a look inside your dishwasher.  I mean really take a look.  Don't cheat.  Pull that bottom drawer/tray out and really look in there.  While you are in there, look at the bottom of the door.

Go ahead...I'll wait....

Back?  Yeah, you can thank me later and then cuss me while you are cleaning it.  Friday, March 30th my Father in Law and Mother in Law graciously watched Cora all day for me.  So what does this momma do?  Did I lay around...nope!  I cleaned my dishwasher. 

And that's only the part that you can see.

Oh.....this part comes out too!!

I broke out the tools...look out!

Tada!! The compartment that holds the soap, I put on wrong.  So now I have to figure out how the heck I screwed that part up!  Otherwise, it's a good as new!

AAAAAAHHHHH IT'S A MOUNTAIN LION!!    It was such a nice day and the fumes from the CLR, Bleach, and other cleaners that I opened our french doors and let our big dog (Trooper) in.  He is corralled in the kitchen with a baby gate (man those are useful!)

Yup, commence screaming/cussing/yelling at me for giving you something else to clean!  You know you love me!