Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 30th

I had my follow up appointment with Dr. Stephens.  I have to say between her and Dr. Allen, it's a toss up.  I love them both!  Dr. Stephens sat in the exam room with me answering questions, talking, and laughing for probably 30 minutes.  She's amazing awesome and I highly recommend their office to anyone looking for an OB.  I was suppose to meet Dr. Norfleet (the third OB in the office) but she was running behind.  That was fine with me, I'd met Dr. Stephens and didn't mind at all.   I was weighed, measured, and all that jazz.  Miss Cora is measuring right on target and UTI is the official diagnosis.

I'm to continue my antibotic and go back in a week to make sure I've gotten better.  All in all, for a scary weekend, it turned out okay.  I got to see my baby girl again and found out that she's a fighter lol!  I'm very thankful for the amazing doctors and nurses that were at Clark this weekend.  I'm also very thankful that I have a fantastic husband, mom, dad, and in laws.  I don't know where I'd be without all the support that I had.

I'll have an update after my next doctor's appointment.

Labor and Delivery....already?

So this weekend was exciting...not!  It was scary!

Friday and Saturday evenings we went to the free concerts at Sellersburg Celebrates.  Obviously we walked around and ate some food too.

Saturday evening I went to bed with a little bit of pain.  I thought maybe Friday and Saturday had caught up with me, so I went to bed thinking the pain would be gone by the morning. ... Nope.

Sunday rolled around and the pain was worse.  So I relaxed in a warm tub and laid around until 11.  Then I woke Paul up.  The pain was worse and not going away.  We started our normal Sunday routine of going to Grandma Lenfert's to play cards.  Between texting my fantastic gyno Dr. Jill Green and my mom, they finally convinced me to call the OB on call.  So, I did and eureka, my OB was the one on call.  God had a hand in that one!  I left her a voicemail.

Needless to say, I made it through two games and told Paul we had to go.  I was either going to go lay down or we were going to the hospital.  When we got in the car, Dr. Allen called and said that it sounded like round ligament pain but if it was getting worse, to go to L & D at the ER.  So, off to Clark Memorial Hospital we went.  I have to say, that was the shortest wait time ever!  You go in a separate room, and then tada, you are upstairs hooked up to monitors!

I had some of the most amazing nurses, techs, and well staff there.  Joann came in and hooked me up to the baby monitor and the monitor to watch my contractions.  Cheryl was my nurse.  She was awesome!  She started my IV, got in touch with Dr. Allen, gave me pain meds, and food.  Apparently I was having contractions and didn't even know it.  Wow!  Yup you read that right.  Cora was having a good time kicking, rolling, and being her usual silly self but I never noticed the contractions...only the pain in my lower left abdomen. 

They started me on morphine, it dulled for about five minutes.  So they gave me a little bit more morphine, nothing.  So then Cheryl called Dr. Allen again.  They gave my graham crackers, crackers, ice chips and juice.  I was given a shot to stop the contracts, an antibiotic because they found blood and lucocites in my urine, and then was given 1 Percocet.  That was horrible.  I warned the nurses that it wouldn't stay down so they came prepared...and it didn't.  So that was a bust.  So back to the drawing board.  Cheryl called Dr. Allen again.  Rebekkah took over for Cheryl.  I was taken down to have an ultrasound to see if I had kidney stones or what was going on.  The fantastic shot to stop the contractions gave me the shakes.  I couldn't sit still for the life of me.  Cora wasn't happy either, she wouldn't hold still for mommy either.  Although she was quite comical for the ultrasound.  She pulled a foot up to her face and was playing with it.  That made me smile even though I was in so much pain.  Mom and Dad came to the hospital to hang out with me so Paul could run some errands and get clothes in case we had to stay.  I was taken back up to L & D and given Tylenol 3 with more crackers.  I got to say Cora loved the honey graham crackers they gave us!

I was then admitted and moved to the 4th floor.  Paul came back, Mom and Dad left, I slept, and then Dennis and Kathy showed up and we played a few hands of cards.  They left a few hours later and I dosed on and off between having to make 9 million trips to the bathroom.  Paul and Cora were troopers.

Monday morning I woke up with my pain level at about 2.  My nurse was great, Elizabeth.  She is also our Prepared Child Birth Instructor.  It was pretty cool that we had a familiar face.  Around noon Dr. Allen came back and said it looked like a UTI.  She checked over a couple of things and said we are going to monitor you one last time and make sure the contractions have stopped.  If they have stopped, you can go home.  

I was released around 3 or so with an antibiotic and a follow up appointment the next day at Dr. Allen's office.  I took a 2 hour nap when we got home and didn't feel great but I was home with my puppies.

Monday, August 22, 2011

3 Hour Glucose Test

I failed my 1 hour glucose test.

On Saturday, August 20th I went to the Hospital at 7:30 a.m. to start my three hour test.  It was horrible.  I had to fast the night before.  The only thing that I could have was water.  So at 6:30 I get up, take a shower, and head to the hospital while Paul lays snoring in bed (butthead!!).

So 7:30 a.m. I report to Registration and then make the trek across the hall to my second home, the Lab.  They know me by name when I walk in the door.  For those of you who don't know, this is where all of my thyroid testing is done at every 6 months. To my surprise my favorite nurse was working, Morgan.  Everyone loves Morgan.  She's quick, gentle, and knows her stuff.  The first time I met Morgan she was in a poodle skirt and had a blonde beehive hair do that stood about 3 feet off of her head.  It Halloween in case you were wondering.
Morgan normally works afternoons so I was quite shocked that she was there.

So the testing begins.  For every blood draw, I had to pee in a cup.

At 8:05 the first blood draw went perfect.  She drew the first vial of blood, I peed in a cup and then she gave me that fantastic sugary drink...yeah rah another one!!  This one was orange flavored.  When I say orange flavored, I mean sickly sweet orange drink that had a hint of artificial orange flavoring to it.

At 8:35 the 2nd one, she tried from the same blood, no luck.  She moved the needle, nothing.  Pulled out and stuck me again in a higher spot, nothing.  Yeah three sticks in one arm so far and I still had 2 1/2 hours left.  So on to the right arm.  Perfect, no problems.  Back out to the waiting room I went.

At 9:05, I went back again and she tried the right arm luck. Fantastic.  She said she was leaving my left arm alone since it was probably sore.  So the next options were my fingers.  Left middle finger first.  Back to the waiting room.  At this point, I was exhausted, hungry, dizzy and couldn't wait for it to be over and I still had 2 blood draws left.  Thankfully I had my phone, a book (which I finished), the tv in the waiting room which was playing cartoons for the other unfortunately sole who was going through the same test, and my lap top.

At 10:05, my left ringer finger.  Perfect.  No problems, it bled like crazy.  Back to the waiting room and luckily no more cartoons.  I have no idea what movie I was watching and didn't care.  Between Cora kicking, no food, and exhaustion...I was done.  Curled up in a hospital blanket trying to figure out how to put my 7 month pregnant body between two chairs to lay down.

Finally at 11:05 the last draw and final pee.  My right ring finger bled like crazy.  I stumbled to the bathroom, peed and was home free.  I drove home, and went to the basement.  Paul went and got Little Ceasars.  I ate and then crashed on the basement couch.  I was done.  An hour later I ventured upstairs and laid in bed.  I just laid there.  The whole day was just kind of bleh.

So here it is Monday as I'm typing this my fingers are killing me and I hope to God that I passed that test or that nothing went wrong, because I cannot and will not go through that again!!  I know I know, anything for my baby girl!

Thursday, August 18th

Our first baby class was Thursday.  Prepared Child Birth.  Paul and I went in with open minds and man did we learn a lot.  We are now baby doll swaddling experts lol!  We can even bathe a newborn baby.  There were only found couples in the class and I was the one due the latest and we weren't the youngest couple nor were we the oldest.  Between the four couples, there is going to be 3 girls and one boy before Thanksgiving!  The 2 hours of class flew past! So exciting.  This week we are suppose to start exercises for labor.

I'm sure I'll have some hilarious stories to tell!!

Wednesday, August 17th

So, Cora was her uncooperative self and didn't move show her head, belly, or face for the tech.  No sure how much my baby girl weighs but we were released by Dr. Tabb!  That means no more high risk!!!  So exciting!

Not much else to report.  Dr. Tabb said everything looks good even though they couldn't get Cora to cooperate.  He check the blood flow around her cord and pronounced us released unless Dr. Allen wants us to come back.

Paul is very happy about this! :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First of Three

Today was my 28 week check up...12 more weeks to go!!  Wow time is really starting to move fast.  Yes, I have a cute belly now and no, there is no hiding baby Cora...and I love every second of it.  This kiddo is super active and loves her daddy's voice.  Grandma S and Grandpa S seem to excite her too.

Dr. Kendall Stephens saw us today.  Both Paul and I really liked her and would be comfortable with her if she were there to deliver Ms. Cora when she arrives.  She was very informative and gave us several options for my glucose testing.  Paul elected to make me go test at the hospital lol.  He says it seems like it would be easier.  So,  OB appointment today, high risk appointment tomorrow, and hospital on Saturday.  This week is all about it begins, just early lol!!

Don't let me fool you, I LOVE and treasure every minute of this!!  Well, I'll write more tomorrow and maybe have some more pictures of my gorgeous baby girl!