Monday, June 27, 2011

Grammy Shower and news....

Thanks to my wonderful family this weekend!  So the long wait to find out what gender Monkey is, is over.  After our vacation to Washington D.C. and then the annual Rehmel/Gardner Family Reunion, we could finally announce. 

With the help of my wonderful family, we threw my mom a Grandmother's shower that also was a reveal shower.  My family was great!  Numerous presents for the Grandma to be of soon to be three!  She should be fully prepared to watch my nieces overnight and our new little one.  My Uncle even provided MREs (yup, the military Meal Ready to Eats lol and adult depends!!)!  Gotta love Uncle John he always makes us smile!  So, after much gift opening and much debate over the gender of Monkey, Mom finally got to open the very last present...the gift from Paul and I.  There was a catch though, After pulling out numerous items for Lily and Macy, then gender neutral items.  She had to dig around a huge container of gold fish crackers, bracelets for the girls, an outfit for Lily, neutral baby clothes and numerous other items to find the true colors.  Finally, at the bottom of the bag she pulled out three PINK outfits.  Yup, we broke the Rehmel tradition.... We are having a GIRL!!  Then she pulled out the pictures of the ultrasound and was super excited. 

After numerous protests and demands for another ultrasound (which I'll get to in a minute) everyone was so excited.  I even made a tank top with "Cora Jean" with two baby feet and then "11-9-11" on it.  Of course it was in pink and purple writing and one foot was pink while the other was purple.  I revealed my shirt after mom opened her present.  Once she read the name she cried again.  Jean is a family name in several ways but mainly I have an Uncle Gene and Jean is my mom's middle name.  It also turns out that I had a great aunt Cora too! 

Much partying and fun was had by all.  The kids had a pinata that they broke open, squirt guns, and tutu's.  It was so cute to see so many little girls running around in tutus! 

I still hear protests from my family about how they still think it's a boy...not to worry though, we have another ultrasound in 4-6 weeks.  Apparently I have placenta previa.  My placenta is covering my cervix and if it doesn't move, I'll have to have a c-section.  I'm not worry though.  Dr. Allen seems to think it will move.  I'm embarrassing it.  If they have to cut Monkey out of me, so be it.  As long as both of us are safe and healthy, I'm for whatever Dr. Allen feels is necessary!  Plus they had to dialate my cervix open to get pregnant, so we knew we had a pretty good shot of having a c-section anyway.  
So I can officially say:  It's a GIRL!!  It's a GIRL!!  It's a GIRL!!  It's a GIRL!!  It's a GIRL!!  It's a GIRL!!  It sure feels great to finally get to say It's a GIRL!!! 

More from Jesi and Cora later.  Thanks for reading!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Its a.....

We had the most amazing ultrasound yesterday evening.  We arrived at Clark Memorial Hospital for our ultrasound at around 5:35 p.m.  Yes, you read that right, I had to wait the entire day to see if Monkey was going to let us know whether it was a he or a she.  Monkey had been kicking the entire day and I was worried that we would not be able to see what he/she was. 

Well Rachel, our tech was absolutely amazing!  She asked if we wanted to know the gender, and I blurted out YES!  She just grinned and laughed.  Paul was his usual quiet self.  She was super sweet, patient, and was going to showed us everything on the baby.  As soon as she put the gel and the wand on my stomach (which is awesome because it's warm) we were viewing a crotch shot!!  Our kids apparently isn't shy at all!  So yes, we found out what gender Monkey is, however we aren't sharing just yet. 

Rachel showed us Monkey's heart's four chambers, the kidneys, the bladder, the spine (in several views), hands, feet, arms, legs, pretty much everything Rachel did or measured, she showed us and made sure we saw it....if we didn't she backed up and took a picture to show us.  She pointed out everything.  Our kiddo has no secrets now.  At one point Monkey decided that they were done and hid behind the placenta (which is on the bottom and why I've been feeling Monkey kicking/moving like crazy is what Rachel explained).  Rachel had to tilt me almost on my head to see if she could get the rest of the measurements that she needed.  Rachel gave us two prints one of the gender shot (the first first shot) and then a profile picture.  She put the rest on a CD for us.  I believe there are seven total. 

It was the most amazing experience of my life!  I couldn't believe how big Monkey is now compared to last time.  Monkey is bigger than a softball and weighs 10 oz. (Rachel guessed 12).  Monkey's spine, head, arms, legs, and everything looked great!!  I smiled and couldn't believe it the entire time!  Paul was quiet most of the time.  When it was over and Rachel had left us, I asked him if he was disappointed and he said No. Just relieved that everything was perfect on our kiddo.  He was so worried that something would be wrong and didn't even mention it.  Me on the other hand, was so excited to just see how big and what gender Monkey was, that none of that was even in my mind! 

No disappointment on our end, we are ecstatic!  The hardest part is not saying anything.  Just wait until I tell you the story of why!  That's an amazing story too!  And I'll post pictures with the next post, so be sure  to come back after next week and check out what Paul and I made!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Checkup 6-8-11

So, my OB check up went great yesterday.  Got my blood results back and everything is looking normal except one of my thyroid levels is board line.  So when I do my glucose testing, they once again will take more blood.  She asked if that was a problem and I told her that I was used to it by now.  I mean I've had Hypothyroidism since I was 12...this isn't my first rodeo giving blood and I'm positive it won't be my last.  I'm the one that they always call new nurses in on to try to draw my blood.  It doesn't phase me anymore I'm so used to it.  

But anyway, back to the visit.  My protein levels in my urine from my 24 hour urine came back good.  She said everything was within normal ranges.  Yeah!!  Then the best news (well other than the heartbeat) was that my blood pressure was back down!!  Dr. Allen was very excited about that and all the test results.  

Then came the Doppler.  She found Monkey right away, but when I heard his/her little heart beat beating  as strong as it was, I giggled.  That was all it took.  Monkey was off and somersaulting.  He/she wasn't still again for her to pick up the heart beat again.  Dr. Allen said that the heart beat was once again in the 150s.  If Monkey butt cooperates, we should now what he/she is before Father's Day!!  I'm so excited to find out!!  Don't worry, it won't be a secret for long....maybe a week or two.

So, everything is great with Monkey butt and I'm as healthy as ever!  I hope all is well with you!  Until next time....