Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A month...

Wow as of November 27th, Cora is a month old.  We have started a shedule but every day, she changes it lol.  It's great to finally get in the swing of things. 

Thanksgiving was fun. We had 4.  We went to Grandma Lenfert's in Clarksville which Cora slept through.  Then to Aunt Donna and Uncle Scott's in Borden where she got to meet her cousins Kelsey and Mercedes (and numerous others) whom she will be chasing around next year lol.  Then we went to Kathy and Dennis' in Sellersburg and she got to meet so many people. 

Today is Cora's one month check up.  I'll check back in later and share some more pictures!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just some pictures

First Bath at home with Daddy.  He's an excellent bather!

First outing... to the Pediatrician and Target.

Hanging out at home.

Glow Worm

The weekend was an adventure.  I was worried since Cora didn't pee or poo much.  Her bilirubin was high at the hospital 11, but not too high.  So on Monday, October 31, 2011 we had a follow up with Cora's pediatrician.  They weighed her (6 lbs 6 ozs) and then they tested her blood.  Let me tell you the whole prick her heel and then squeeze it until they have a vial of blood almost made me cry.  I kept having to look away and Paul was right next to her talking to her. 

Cora's bilirubin was up to a 14.7.  She was jaundice in otherwords.  So, we got a bili light for her to stay in.  The only time she could come out was to feed and eat.  I officially had a glow worm.  The guy who came to the house to set up the suitcase light (look at the picture, you'll understand) was amazing.  His name was Paul and he walked us through everything, explained what the lights did, and even gave us encouragement.  He said he knew it was stressful but the more she was under the light, the faster Cora would get better. 

So for Halloween baby Cora was a glow worm. 

We went back to the pediatrician the next day.  Cora had gained an ounce overnight (I was extremely happy about this) and then more heel pricks  ( sigh I'll never get used to those).  Her bilirubin was down to 11, but Dr. Howell wanted to keep her under the light one more night.  Cora loved this thing.  It was a toasty 87 degrees.  The next morning (Wednesday) Cora came out from under the light.  That evening sleeping was rough, she was used to the heat so Paul and I had to take turns holding her against us and letting her fall into a deep sleep.  Paul had a space heater in the bedroom and we were sweating.  Cora, however slept okay. 

Over the last few days, Cora has been eating like a champ, sleeping like a pro, and just hanging out.  She loves being in the moby wrap, being snuggled, and well eating lol. 

On November 5th, Cora's belly button stump fell off.  No, I didn't save it.  I love my little girl and want all the memories I can have, but that thing I was glad to be rid of lol.  We did our first family stroller ride on November 5th also.  Paul loaded up Tito, Huck, and the stroller and off we went to Waterfront Park in Louisville.  Cora slept the entire time.  Huck and Tito ran around like they were free and Paul and I just enjoyed the nice weather. 

Well, I'll update more as I can.  Cora is napping but should be waking up to eat soon.  Love you all!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Introducing Cora Jean Lenfert

We opted to do Kangaroo Care after delivery.  Kangaroo Care is right after the baby is born, they place her in blankets on the mom, clean them off as much as possible, put a cap on their head and a diaper on the butt, and then place baby skin to skin against mom's chest.  Miss Cora and I got to bond for an hour like that.  I loved every second of it and highly recommend it.  The first hour of Cora's life, she got to bond with her mom on the outside instead of just on the inside.  After my hour was up, Paul got his turn.  I'm not sure how long he got to hold her, but it wasn't long enough lol! 

After that, she was given back to me to hold so they could take me down to the 4th floor where Cora and I would stay.  They wheeled me to the nursery and Paul and Cora went in.  My nurses were sweet enough to let us hang around outside so we could hear the weight and length.  Miss Cora was 7 lbs 3.5 ozs and 21 inches long.  My baby girl was 13 days early.  Cora Jean Lenfert was born at 2:38 a.m. on Thursday, October 27th, 2011.  More to come later about our lastest adventures!