Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wow where did 2012 go?

Oh my!  I haven't posted on here for a long time!  Okay so a quick update, Cora is now walking like crazy. is 14 months old, weighs 22 lbs and is 32 inches tall.  As of yesterday, she now has 8 teeth.  The molars were fantastic coming in : /  Here are some of my favorite 1 year photos:

Monday, July 9, 2012

Where has time gone???

Has it really been since May since I last posted?  Wow.  I have nothing to show for it....other than a crawling, constantly moving 8 1/2 month old lol.  I'll have to bring you all up todate. 

Cora is 8 1/2 months or 36 weeks 4 days old.  She has two beautiful teeth on the bottom of her mouth.  She is constantly on the go.  Once she figured out how to crawl, it's been nonstop!  I honestly don't know why I don't weigh a heck of a loss less than I do!

Anyway, I've been working on a few things but nothing major to show you.   Mainly getting things prepped for Cora's 1st birthday (yes I know I have a little over 3 months). 

I work 2 jobs now.  3 days at the law firm still and then 2 at a CPA firm where I enter payroll for different companies. 

Well, I think you are up to date.  I'll have to post pictures another time, I can't from this computer!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lots going on....

So this year I have had it with the weeds growing between the stones in our back yard.  We don't have a big back yard.  The pool takes up a lot of room, then there was a lot of concrete.  Was being the key word.  Here are the before pictures.  

Then I got to thinking...I'm a plant killer.  I could water a plant every day and still kill it.  So, This area by the pool, well we're going to close it in and make it more deck.  

Then I got to looking...there were these planters when we moved in.  They collapsed the first summer we were in the house, so we took them down.  Now there is a gap between the deck and the fence.  Yup, you guessed it.  Might as well fill that in too.  

So, as you can see I have about 3 projects I'm juggling at once.  Not only am I juggling those, I've decided to get more organized.  I'm tired of stuff just laying around.  I decided to start juggling a 4th project.  This is the beginning of my organization heaven.  It's going to be hung in the kitchen.  

I'm sure I have other things going on, but for the life of me...I can't think of them :).  So when I remember, look out!  For now, I'm heading to bed along with the rest of the family!  I'm post more soon!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Throo the Zoo 5k!

Cora and I competed in our first 5k.  Well technically it was my third and Cora's 2nd, but this time she could watch everything lol.  The first year I walked it with Mom, the 2nd year I was pregnant and walked with my friend Candy, this year I jogged/walked it!  I did an amazing job if I do say so myself!  I'm so proud.  I ran 2 1/2 miles of the 3.1 mile course and if you have ever been to the Louisville Zoo, that's an awesome accomplishment with all the hills.  I'm still so proud of myself!!  Anyway, Paul and I are going to continue to run together as I have another 5k coming up in July.  Look out Louisville Color Run!!  Cora did great.  She slept pretty much the entire way.  She woke up around the last 100 yards because she heard people yelling.  I came in 1353 with a time of 39:08.0.  Paul's chip didn't read but his watch time was 26.12.0.  There were 2044 chips that read but I've heard that there were several that didn't read so I'll say I was in the middle of the pack lol. 

This weekend was very busy for us.  With the 5k under my belt, we then went to Dennis and Kathy's to celebrate Mother's Day with Grandma Lenfert.  We had brunch there and gave gifts to Kathy.  Then we headed out to Buffalo Trace Campground (if you haven't been there, I recommend it!).  Mom, Dad, Jared, Geoff, Scotty, Emily, Lily, Macy, Phil and Doris were all camping out there.  Jared had a double header (they lost :( ).  

The gifts that the Mother's received are as follows:

They also got an 8 x 10 from Cora's 6 month photoshoot.  It was so hard to choose because there were so many good ones.  I narrowed it down to 5 and then made Paul pick for his mom.  Here are a few of my favorites (there are 119 to choose from):

See I told you it was hard to choose!

They also got something similar to this (for some reason it won't post my actual picture):

So there you go!  Hope all the moms had a fabulous Mother's Day!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bananas, Squash, 6 months, oh my!

So begins the adventures of Baby Food and since I have oh so much time on my hands, the home made version.  This year I've decided to be more domestic.  Not only have I been cleaning everything I can, but I've been cooking almost every night, and now I'm throwing in baby food making. 

So as of April 26th Cora has had: Sweet potatoes, carrot ts, bananas, squash, pears, green beans, apple sauce, cereal, avocado, and prunes.  Carrots seem to be here favorite, avocados are her least favorite. 

She has started sitting up on her own, loves to be on her belly, and is trying to walk.  She gets her knees under her to crawl, but doesn't get very far.  She more vocal (oh boy!) and is a busy body.  She's nosey and doesn't like to miss anything.  She sleeps pretty good.  Goes to bed around 9, wakes up around 4, eats, then goes right back to sleep until 7 or so. 

She had  her 6 month photos taken today, when I have them, I'll share.  I can't wait to see how they turned out!  Carrie Hall was her photographer again and they were taken in Utica at Hidden Hills Nursery.  It was amazing and I highly recommend a visit. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Dishwasher Washing

Pinterest will be the death of me....

Have you ever taken a look inside your dishwasher.  I mean really take a look.  Don't cheat.  Pull that bottom drawer/tray out and really look in there.  While you are in there, look at the bottom of the door.

Go ahead...I'll wait....

Back?  Yeah, you can thank me later and then cuss me while you are cleaning it.  Friday, March 30th my Father in Law and Mother in Law graciously watched Cora all day for me.  So what does this momma do?  Did I lay around...nope!  I cleaned my dishwasher. 

And that's only the part that you can see.

Oh.....this part comes out too!!

I broke out the tools...look out!

Tada!! The compartment that holds the soap, I put on wrong.  So now I have to figure out how the heck I screwed that part up!  Otherwise, it's a good as new!

AAAAAAHHHHH IT'S A MOUNTAIN LION!!    It was such a nice day and the fumes from the CLR, Bleach, and other cleaners that I opened our french doors and let our big dog (Trooper) in.  He is corralled in the kitchen with a baby gate (man those are useful!)

Yup, commence screaming/cussing/yelling at me for giving you something else to clean!  You know you love me!  

Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Title

So I've decided to change my blog of up a little bit.  Not only will you be reading stories of Cora, but also of our lives.  Trust me, if I didn't live it, I wouldn't believe it most days.  You just can't make up stories like some of my days lol.

Trooper (my 12-13 year old rescued mutt) decided that he want to take a jaunt the other day.  Trooper likes to dig.  His newest hole was (yes was...I'll get into that part) by the gate.  One of our gates bows out a little bit and Trooper, being his ingenious self, figured out that if he dug there he could get the gate to give way and squeeze his body out.  Yup, my genius dog....thank God that he didn't get stuck and squished.  I caught on to his trick and tricked him. I put a heavy cinder block in front of the gate. I even told Paul about it and explained why it was there.  So I get home from picking up Cora, change into my running gear, get Cora loaded up in the jogging stroller, strap on my head phones and off Paul, Cora, and I go.  Unbeknownst to me, Paul had moved my cinder block.  Yup, you guessed it.  Trooper figured out that his escape route was he took it. 

We got back from our jog and Paul went out back.  No Trooper.... So he comes in and tells me, "I can't find Trooper.  He's not out back.  I think he got out."  My response was "Did you move the cinder block?"  Commence blank look, then light bulb going off over Paul's head, "Yes."  "Did you put it back honey?"  His response, "No."  My reply, "Then I can guarantee he's out".  So I grab the Blazer keys, leave Paul with Cora and set out.  I knew his path...I'd went looking the week before, so I new his path....or so I thought.  I made three trips around our neighborhood, asking everyone I saw if they had seen him.  I venture back to the house, Paul sets out.  I start calling pounds.  First one, no answer.  Second one, jackpot.  A lady had been walking one of the adoptable dogs and an older tan dog with a red collar jogged right up to her.  She said he was tired and thirsty.  So, I immediately find out their location, call Paul (and get no answer), put Cora in her car sheet, and venture out.  I again call Paul...."I spoke to a lady at Feeder Supply.  They found a tan dog, with gray in his muzzle, and a faded red collar.  I'm going to check and see if it's him."  His response, "Why didn't you call me?"  Gee honey, I didn't think of that....derh!

Upon arrival at Feeder's Supply, I'm shaking, Cora is crying, and well I'm shaking lol.  I walk back to the cage area and there is my old fart.  Laying in an air conditioned area, breathing heavy, and just hanging out.  Like "Mom, I knew you'd come get me and drive me home. I'm so tired!"  Ugh!  This dog would have about 4 lives left of his 9 if he were a cat.  So I go in and love on him and check him out.  I call Paul and say come get him you have his leash with you.  From what I can figure, Trooper had been out for most of the day, apparently got lost and was trying to find water.  He had ventured at least 2 miles if not more.  I'm so thankful that he didn't get hit by a car! 

Yup, that was my Wednesday evening for about 2 hours.  So much fun in the Lenfert household!   

Saturday, March 10, 2012

4 Months, 19 weeks and RSV....

As I type this blog, I have a helper.  She is squirmy, adorable, slobbery, and well just plain fun! 

Cora turned 4 months old on February 27th!  At her doctor's appointment on the 28th she was 14 lbs 6 ozs. and 25 inches long.  She does amazing things every day and her pediatrician is amazed at the muscle strength that she has.  She is an absolutely amazing little girl who is growing very fast.   Since we had just seen the pediatrician 2 weeks before for her 3 month check up, it was a quick visit.  Cora had 2 shots (one in each leg) and then an oral shot, which I'm pretty sure she spit all of it out lol.  Dr. Howell said she was doing great with breast milk.  She said we were going to hold off for as long as possible until we start baby food.  I'm a happy momma!  Our goal is 6 months with nothing but breast milk.  Hopefully we make it that far!  Then we will start cereal/rice whenever Dr. Howell says or when Cora wants to lol.

On March 6th, Cora started coughing. What I thought was a small head cold, soon because so much more.  By Thursday, on her 19 week birthday, she was a little run down but still her smilely, silly self.  Then our babysitter informed us that two kiddos had RSV...needless to say momma was on the phone as soon as she had cell service to see if I needed to get her checked out.  The nurse (whom was absolutely amazing!) said that we should get her looked at since she is so young and has a cough.  The test for RSV is simple, they stick what looks like a pipe cleaner up your child's nostrils and swab.  Cora hated it!  The test normally takes 15 minutes for the results to show up, we waited 3.  Positive.  My baby girl was sick.  So home with went to hide from everyone as not to pass it on.  On Friday, things got scary.  Cora decided that she didn't want to eat much.  After a phone call to the doctor to find out what to do, my amazing father brought us some pedialyte. After all, we were contagious, so we weren't going anywhere.  Antibiotic, infant Tylenol, and pedialyte that's what Friday consisted of.  Happy Birthday momma! 

Today, March 10th has been so much better.  As I continue to type this, my squirmy monkey continues to amaze me.  She is currently trying to eat my arm lol.  If she was so stuffed up and didn't cough now and then, I wouldn't think she was sick.  She took her medicine like a champ, only spitting out a little, she's been eating like her normal self, and playing like crazy.  She takes a lot of naps but when she wakes up, it's go time lol! 

 Poor Tito!

Our trip to Indianapolis to meet Mommy's November Mommas and Cora's birthday buddies!

Well, that's all for now.  I need to go find a towel to wipe the drool off both of my arms...God I love this girl!