Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lenfert Baby Shower and Check up

So it's official, I'm 34 weeks today!  Only 6 more weeks left...It's kind of sad, exciting, and well scary all at the same time.  I finally get to meet this silly little monkey whom loves to kick, roll, and punch.  I love feeling her moving around in me and am going to miss it, but I'm super excited to meet her!  It's scary because well, she's going to be a tiny new thing that can't tell me what is wrong...I have to figure it out.  It's a whole new ball game!

On Sunday, September 25th Paul's Mom, Sister Clara, and Aunt Ellen threw us a baby shower.  It was amazing!  I think Kathy counted 43 people there....wow!!  The entire back end of the Blazer was stuffed full of stuff for baby Cora.  It is now currently sitting in the floor of the nursery and there is no walking room!  Paul says he has to build a shed just to hold all Cora's stuff!  I have started sorting it and trying to find places for it...we'll see how it goes.

I can't believe how blessed we are!  We still have the shower for my side of the family....and no I have no idea where to put any of that.  I might have to knock down the wall to the other spare room and just make it one big nursery!!  I don't think Paul will go for that though.

Anyway, I just want to take a moment and thank you....for following our story, to supporting us, to making us laugh, to crying with us, being frustrated, and well for everything!

Cora and I went to see Dr. Allen on September 26th.  My uterus/Cora is measuring right on 34 weeks...yeah us!  I've only gained 25 lbs!  My bp was awesome!  Cora's heartbeat was in the 130s and then she kicked/punched the doctor.  Dr. Allen put the tape measure on my belly and Cora wiggled and wiggled to try to get away lol.  Dr. Allen said well I know she's healthy, I can feel her moving!

Pretty soon I start one week appointments...we are getting really serious now!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Everyone keeps asking about it and finally I can say, Baby Cora had the hiccups last night.  It was so cute and hilarious!  Finally, I got to experience what several of my friends were talking about.  I immediately called Paul at work (you know this is a milestone lol) and told him about it.  So funny.  I could tell Cora was not thrilled with them.  She would hiccup then thrash her feet around and then do it all over again.  So cute!

On another note, Baby Cora got to hear her Great Uncle Randy's voice yesterday.  It was so great to see him and show off my bump!  Cora also got to hear Grammie, Uncle Jared, and Great Aunt Terri thrown in there too.

We love seeing family!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Check up

On September 9th I had a check up with my OB.  I've met all three OBs in the office now and I have to say I love them all.  Dr. Allen is amazing, Dr. Stephens will spend however much time with you speaking about whatever you want (even off pregnancy topics), and Dr. Norfleet is very informative.  I feel very comfortable with all three.  If I go into labor and Dr. Allen can't be there, I would be just as happy with the other two as her. I highly recommend their office!  Even the staff is great too!

Everything with the check up went well.  I have only trace amounts of blood in my urine now, nothing to worry about.  All and all, Cora and I are measuring right on track.  Plus I've only gained 22 lbs!!  I'm pretty stoked about that.  I thought it would be on and I'd eat everything in sight.  Well I do eat a lot, and a lot...like all day lol...

Anyway, we're being a little more adventurous.  I played doubles tennis with the Lenferts last weekend.  Well I didn't really play, we just hit the ball around.  So nothing major but I did get a little bit of exercise in.

Baby Cora officially has more shoes and clothes than me thanks to Grandma Sandy.  Grandma Kathy surprised us with some super cute outfits the other day too!  Right now if you asked to play pool at our house, I'd have to tell you no.  The latest three loads of Cora clothes are currently sorted on top of it.  I haven't put them away yet.  I have one more tote full of pinks and reds to wash and then I'm completely caught up.

I'm trying to get the house somewhat organized before little Ms. Cora makes her appearance.  Eight weeks until my due date....let's see if I make it!