Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meeting Baby Lenfert

Today was a great day!  After drinking 34 oz of water, we were off to the hospital for an ultrasound.  The tech was great.  The first 15-20 minutes she measured all my insides and made sure everything was were it was suppose to be.  Then she had Paul go out and get my mom and dad from the waiting room.  As soon as they all walked back in the room, picture 1 happened lol!  He/she says "Peek a boo, I see you!"  Then Peanut decided to jump!  It was so cute!  After that, he/she was waiving.  Then I guess he/she was exhausted because Peanut laid back down and the Tech was able to get picture 2.   The Tech said that the heart beat was 167 and that I'm measuring 11 weeks and 2 days.

So now, it's all real.  Yes there is a baby in me and yes I have proof!!

Monday, April 18, 2011


It was hurry up and wait all through to get pregnant...the waiting every month for ovulation, then the waiting to test to see if we were pregnant...then after we were pregnant (and did the happy dance!), waiting for the first OB appointment....

Now everything seems to be flying by!  It's so crazy.  We had our first OB appointment last week and then on Wednesday we have our first ultrasound.  I think I'll cry when I see our little Spike or Peanut.

My mother in law has already guessed boy.  I know, I know it's too early to determine but it's fun with people guessing.  I was asked the other day if I had any idea or if I knew what Peanut or Spike was.  I answered honestly "I think boy but that's only because I've been calling it a him or Spike since we found out."  Who knows? I could be very wrong lol!

Paul and I were folding laundry the other night and said "This baby has enough clothes once it is in 9 months!  If we have a girl, we're going to have to put her in boy clothes!"  Love him!  Genia, my very good friend whom has an adorable little boy (Bryson, whom I claim as my nephew), brought three trash bags of clothes to me.  We are still sorting and doing laundry....this is day 3 lol!

Well, I'll have more for you to read on Wednesday.  I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

First OB Visit

Okay, so I saw Dr. Allen yesterday.  LOVE HER!!  She was great with all of us.  Mom and Paul were both there.  Dr. Allen warned us that she probably wouldn't be able to hear the heart beat right away since I was 10 weeks and 3 days.  She said not to worry but she would try to find it.  She said that the Doppler doesn't always pick up the baby's heart beat that early.  Anyway, she did find a heart beat (yeah, just far lol).  It was cute and funny.  I couldn't help but laugh because it sounded like a little horse galloping.  Super cute!  Dr. Allen said that the Doppler couldn't get an accurate reading because I was a little early.  However the monitor did show a 110, then 135, then 150.  150 is about where it stayed.

Dr. Allen's office is suppose to call and set up my first ultrasound which will be before my next OB visit.  My next OB appointment is May 11, 2011.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Counting the Days...

April 13th can't get here soon enough!  Paul keeps counting down the days until we get to hear the heart beat.  To be honest, I'm hoping for heart beats, as in more than one.  If there is only one, I would ask for healthy PLEASE! 

On another note, numerous friends are turning up pregnant too.  It's kind of crazy and like I started a trend!  

If you are wondering, NO I have not experienced any morning sickness.  There are times that I get a little queasy, but knock on wood, I have not thrown up yet.  Let me tell you I go from eating and being full (which is smaller amounts that I used to eat) to starving in like 5 seconds.  It's crazy!  Paul's favorite part is that my boobs have already grown an entire size and I'm only 9 1/2 weeks.  Yes, they are VERY tender still.  Yes, I do have a baby bump already.  

No I haven't had any weird cravings.  Although, salt is a big thing.  I know you should avoid salt because it causes you to retain water but right now Spike (as Paul and I have been calling our fetus) or Spikette loves Funyuns and Pringles.  I have also been able to enjoy hot dogs (yes, you read that right hot dogs) and soft pretzels from a few sporting events.  Even my dad bought me a hot dog at my little brother's first baseball game!  

So far, this has been nothing but FUN!  I'm loving every minute of it.  There are times it seems like I'm complaining but honestly, I'm loving the changes that are happening and can't wait to feel the little goober move.